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Thursday, November 09, 2006

*~*So Little Time, To Much To Do*~*

Yeah, So I'm considering on coming back to Ohio! Maybe Belpre. So Who Knows. The reasons:
  • David's Dad *Mike* Is wanting all of our money basically, and he has a so much better job!
  • With Mike taking our money, No money for Anything.
  • David isn't getting paid very much in 2 weeks at a time.
  • By time we give Mike money we only have like 100 to our name, WE HAVE FUCKING BILLS!
  • Shit Pisses me off.
  • I miss my fucking friends dammit
  • I miss my dramafied old life style.
  • But then again I could care less about drama.
  • Its Home I MISS IT!

Anyways. Im not going to just say how much david gets paid exactly cause its no ones business, but seriously who reads this anyways, but still never know who might take a look one day! So. I think Belpre with Nikki, David, Nathanyel, Alex & I all move to Belpre. David could also transfew to Outback in Parkersburg. And Ill be close to the mall and everything else basically! I will enjoy it there. And I will have close by friends and families for babysitting! Considering I need a DAMN BREAK! Anyways, I gotta run for now, Im tired and I want to do something else to wait for David to get home from work! So Cya.... .::Brandi Loves David & Nathanyel & Alexander Bunches::.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Been Awhile!

So I haven't wrote much! What do you expect with having 2 kids, and have to be a "Wife" all the time. Im not even married, but it feels like it, considering I live with my fiance and our 2 beautiful sons? Anyways, Me & Him has been getting into agruements for the past couple days. But we did finally go out Tuesday to watch a movie. We saw "Saw 3" omg Freaky!! Watch It! Anyways, after that trick or treat, only went to one place because uhhh wheres the damn trick or treaters at?? Uhhh. what a strange little area. Anyways, Nothing really much, Nathanyel did have fun that day, he got to ride on a four wheeler, he hasnt in a few months, so that made his day. Alex basically he sleeps still, the kid needs to get active already!! :D Well Ill save their stories to their blog!
As of now, I should be in bed, But I went to bed at 930 and woke up at 1230 because I woke up from a dream, never done that for a long ass time. It was not scary but it was just blah crazy. About David & I. Crazyyy if you ask me. Anyways, I'm going to bed, Sleepy!! >Brandi Loves David, Nathanyel & Alexander BUNCHES!!<