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Friday, August 15, 2008

Fuck U H-Town!

Huntington: Is a Fucking Drama Trap! I hate this fucking place. And nothing good is here, basically! There is one thing that concerns me but for some reason, I'm in like 4 different headaches, for no apparent reason! Blah! Fuck H-Town!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Well, I guess Life can get better and of course it can get worse. I think I have almost experienced some pretty shitty things in my life already. And just think Im already 22. I can imagen in another 22 years when im 44. Damn.. But other than that, Life is going pretty good for the time being. I'm 4 months and 2 weeks pregnant. And I find out what I'm having in 6 more days! I'm so excited!!! YAY!!! Its a Boy! I know it! And thats what I want too!!! Because I already have 2 , what the hell another boy will hurt! Soon Ill post something more about that pregnancy too. But right now I'm just starting my 2nd trimester so I'm just getting into it. lol. Soon as I get big, Ill want to die with all this heat we are finally having! LOL. I was wishing for the heat to come, but damn not this fast. But anyways, I Love David & Nathanyel & Alexander & Little Baby BUNCHES!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Ahh Life. Ups and Downs! Where does the DOWNS end????

Well its been about 4 months since I've wrote in here. But I've had a terrifying Life. I had a miscarriage November 29th. =*(. It didn't really hit me until after it happened. It was one of the worse things in my life. And till now this very day, there isn't a day I dont sit back and don't think about my child. And A human being who I would love with everything beat of my heart. And someone to make me smile day on and be a great brother or sister for Nathanyel or Alex. I can't write in here and say I'm over it, because I'm not. Theres nothing I can do about it. There is feelings I hide. But I can't run away from all of it. I have to face it everyday of my life from then to where ever my life ends. If I could do anything, I would change it. But sometimes things just doesn't happen like that. And I have to know that I just can't change it, Hell I would change the world in general if I could. I have the 2 most wonderful little boys right now in my life that means more than anything to me. And they keep me strong, everyday Im thankful for them. Because I'm happy to be their mother and I'm very greatful they are mine.
But I guess enough about that, talking about it gets me all depressed, but round 4 I have to be strong for my other Baby thats getting ready for the big world! Yes, again, I am pregnant with number 4! Yes I do count my miscarriage, I was 4 months! Come On! It was MY Child! But yes 3rd child! I'm scared being pregnant this time, I don't want that to ever happen to me again. I went to St. Mary's yesterday to get an ultrasound done to see a heartbeat. I didn't hear one, but there was a flutter! Which the radiolist said that was a Good Sign! So that made me happy. But then again I still have another 6 or 7 weeks for a miscarriage rate to go down a good bit. She said my Uterus was tilted. Which should make it almost impossible to get pregnant! Well. I guess I'm a very fertile human being! And of course, Ive been pregnant twice with in 6months! ;) I hope in pray this is a good one. I'm going to try and be healthy as hell with this one. I'm going to drive myself crazy about this. But I don't need to stress.! And Its very hard not to!
But I guess I'm going to get off here, time for bed. Nathanyel has school in the morning!!!

Friday, November 23, 2007

Well Its been a while since I've wrote in this blog. Not enough time in the day to get most of the things I need to do, done. Stressful Days, Busy Days, Herotic days, And so on and sometimes all of those all in one. Mostly all in one.
Went and got an ultrasound done last Wednesday and check up with my doctor. Receptionist said things she should have not said. As in Viability and Dates Vaginal Ultrasound to get closer to look to see if the baby's heart is still beating and if the other interial organs are developing. She was a very rude beeeeouch! But my doctor is a cool doc. Which is good. Very talkactive, I like that. The ulrasound that he did was crappy. It was saying I was 6 weeks but Im 10 weeks. But my bladder was completely empty. So I think that might be a reason. So right now, Im trying not to freak out about what the receptionist said and keep my mind on the bright and postitive side. But anyways, other than that, Im sick, Im Tired, Im hopeless right now, well atleast it feels like it. ;)
**I Love David & Nathanyel & Alexander BUNCHES**

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Welcome Back.

Yeah Well If I haven't already said, I moved to Huntington about 2 months ago! And I'm loving it for the most part except for the no car part, but thats fine we will be getting another car real soon. And alot nicer than the last one I let short bitches run my engine to hell and fuck my clutch up. But that's my fault. heh . Well anyways, I'm pregnant again. Oh yeah, tell me about it, no really shut the fuck up! If you don't like it. It's my life, Im fiancially stable and I have a nice apartment with plently of room here. So get over it. Well David & I are doing fine. Nothing to much going on as of right now. Just tired and ready for bed its 20 till 2am. So Until Next time......... Peace..


*~*I Love David & Nathanyel & Alexander BUNCHES*~*

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Well I am moving into my new place Monday Morning. And we got a great good bit of stuff for our new apartment. So theres a plus in life so far. Im getting there Slowly but I did start at rock bottom and Im half way to the Middle. And Its starting to feel alot better. Besides.....................
I sold my car for 300 and I let the guy to payments weekly. Well I gave him the car keys to see if it would run after he put the water pump and the radorator on. Well he took it out and wrecked it. Well after he wrecked it, he sold it. And he had NO right what so ever. AndNow the guy that bought it off from Doug my neighbor, has the car at his house. and IF he got shit off from the car aka took parts off Ill be pissed. So Im trying to get ahold of Ryan and have him bring my car or It won't be a fun game.
But anyways, thats about it for now. Its real late. So im getting off from here...
>>Brandi Kay Michelle Loves David Scott, Nathanyel, & Alexander BUNCHES<<

Sunday, March 11, 2007

im falling apart... =/

Yeah, Isnt it just a sign Im getting older? heh. Anyways, I have 2 doctor appointments within 2 weeks. which isnt to bad.. but its bad when I have to go and get a pap because im fucked up, hopefully they let me get my tubes tied, I need no more kids. LoL. And I get all 4 wisdom teeth pulled the 28th. Fun Fun! Im kinda nervous about that. Never had a tooth pulled. Ive been put to sleep when I was younger to get something done to my mouth, but not to pull a tooth. So hopefully all goes well. And I dont go through much pain after wards. al though I know i will experience some kind of pain. Which I can tolerate pain anyways, but when it comes to my head, I doubt it. But thats enough about me, the boys are needing me...... :I Love My Boys!!!