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Friday, November 23, 2007

Well Its been a while since I've wrote in this blog. Not enough time in the day to get most of the things I need to do, done. Stressful Days, Busy Days, Herotic days, And so on and sometimes all of those all in one. Mostly all in one.
Went and got an ultrasound done last Wednesday and check up with my doctor. Receptionist said things she should have not said. As in Viability and Dates Vaginal Ultrasound to get closer to look to see if the baby's heart is still beating and if the other interial organs are developing. She was a very rude beeeeouch! But my doctor is a cool doc. Which is good. Very talkactive, I like that. The ulrasound that he did was crappy. It was saying I was 6 weeks but Im 10 weeks. But my bladder was completely empty. So I think that might be a reason. So right now, Im trying not to freak out about what the receptionist said and keep my mind on the bright and postitive side. But anyways, other than that, Im sick, Im Tired, Im hopeless right now, well atleast it feels like it. ;)
**I Love David & Nathanyel & Alexander BUNCHES**