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Sunday, March 11, 2007

im falling apart... =/

Yeah, Isnt it just a sign Im getting older? heh. Anyways, I have 2 doctor appointments within 2 weeks. which isnt to bad.. but its bad when I have to go and get a pap because im fucked up, hopefully they let me get my tubes tied, I need no more kids. LoL. And I get all 4 wisdom teeth pulled the 28th. Fun Fun! Im kinda nervous about that. Never had a tooth pulled. Ive been put to sleep when I was younger to get something done to my mouth, but not to pull a tooth. So hopefully all goes well. And I dont go through much pain after wards. al though I know i will experience some kind of pain. Which I can tolerate pain anyways, but when it comes to my head, I doubt it. But thats enough about me, the boys are needing me...... :I Love My Boys!!!


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