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Friday, December 08, 2006

Whoa, Its amazing by How Many People READ my SHIT on HERE. It so touches my heart. Right. I believe what I write in here, is my Business. I really think that if I write something in there, I dont mean by people reading this and going and telling people shit. I dont talk about people to start DRAMA. I write in here to help me with MY PROBLEMS. If I wanted drama in my life, Id open my mouth and start shit with people. But I DONT. So If you bother to read my shit and if your the big mouth, stay the fuck out. I dont put it up for your 2faced ass anyhow. So get OVER IT! Anyways, nothing much going on. David, Nathanyel, Alex & I are going to St.Albans tomorrow with David's sister and visit the grandparents, both of them. And then staying at Amanda's house tomorrow night. Ill be back sometime Sunday. If not, don't bother coming to look for me, cause Im in here to put up with Dramafied bitches that like to start things over here in Meigs County. So Ill update later.. Late.

>Brandi Kay Michelle Loves David Scott, Nathanyel Xavier & Alexander Elijah BUNCHES<


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