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Monday, October 09, 2006

whoa... crazzzzy nesss..........

Since I've been back, Ive been 2 places, Here & Over at the gas station which is like 10 yards away! I've been here for a month already and I say thats sad. Today I was suppose to go and get my check cashed, never succeeded, although David had the day off. It's still all about that game. I guess somethings will never change. They better be changing fast. Anyways, tomorrow I need to get Alex's 2 month shots taken care of. Although David has to be in at work at 5, we will have plently of time. Considering they stop giving immuzations at 5. ;) So we can do that and get my check cashed for I can simply get me some damn tampons because these ones from the gas station are KILLING ME, come on now, Cardboard, lord give me a break! Psh! Anyways, Ive been talking to this chick named Crystal, shes 22 and she only lives like 5 minutes from me. And were suppose to met up sometime this week. YaY, finally starting to met people! I've met some of the employees at Outback, who David works with. I met like 8-10 of them. But out of all them I think I consider talking to ever again are the ones I added on my friends list. And their better halfs . ;) Anyways... Crystal is married to a Navy man, :D woo so Im sure she understands how it is to miss someone like my brother, and that would also give us something to talk about. She has a 9 month old. Boy Can't I wait for another crawler. :D Anyways, ill be starting this home stuffers thing that Jamie told me I should try to make some money, sounds really great. I decided Im not going to get on Medical card, The boys are already covered on David's insurance. But I need something. So Sometimes i guess I need to think about myself for../. Just have bigger things to worry about, my children comes first in my life. My wisdom teeth are all the way in through and my one is starting to come out and they are bothering me so bad, I have ear infections all the damn time! SO I need to get that taken care of as soon as I have the time! HAHA I have all the time in the world, Just need to get David on his ass! I don't drive so I need to get my licenses and talk to some people AKA my father to give me some help! Cause he always said he would get me a car if i got my licenses. ;) Anyways, Need to do so much seems like I NEVER get anything done! Doesn't matter where I am! I'm slow, but not because its just me, I just got a boyfriend that won't get off that F**king game! It pisses me off! SO BAD! Anyways, I miss home, I miss my family. But most of all I miss my brother. I know I can be home with Family, but I prefer to be here, to try and do things on my own. I don't want my mom or grandma spending all their money and time on me and my children. I have a 3 yr old and a 2mth old, Im 20 yrs old and I just need to do things on my own. But I have some things that are lazy in my life... Grrrrrrr. lol.. Soon Im going to let lose and go buck crazy on this boy! Seriously!!!!!!!! Anyways, Im done with typing, Im tired its 12:40a.m. And my children are sleeping and time to kick David off that damn game.He has been on it since 2p.m STRAIGHT! Except when we ate dinner! What a LOSER! :D LoL. Oh well I play it also! But STILL I know when To get off from it! Anyways once again, Im gone. :) Late... >Brandi Loves David & Nathanyel & Alexander BUNCHES<


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