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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

2 or 4 days to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yea, so here I am *again*. Anyways, My dad is feeling good after his surgery and all, but he said he will let me know Saturday if he is going to take me for sure Monday Night or Tuesday morning for sure. He has an appointment Monday afternoon, but he is calling them tomorrow. So yeah We will see what we can do. Anyways.. if he don't Im having one of my friend's take me back down Saturday! So yeah which ever.. I don't care, Im just going to be home next week! That's all I know. Anyways, nothing much happened today, just been bored thats about it. I need to get my days and nights back together. Because I go to bed around 4-6 every morning and wake up from 8-12 everyday. And I need to stop! ;) Anyways.. CANT WAIT TO BE HOME!! 2 days or 4 days to go, until i go home!! WOOHOO!! Anyways, I*m Out... >Brandi Loves David & Nathanyel & Alexander BUNCHES<


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