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Monday, September 04, 2006

7 More Day!!!!!

Yeah so, here I am again! 7 More Days to go!! I*m counting down my days until I see My Baby Again! I*m getting more excited by the day!! I can*t wait until I get there.. The long trip is worth it. Only 6hours but hey what the hell! :D I never thought going 2 states below my homestate is so exciting!! And I know when I get there After a few weeks ill be ready to go somewhere and do some things, but hey what the hell, I*ll be fine, because I miss my baby so much!! I*m excited and I*m just ahhh I can*t wait till I get there! heh. Anyways not much happened today, I woke up with David calling me at 3. And Alex slept through the night basically 12-5! What a big boy he is getting to be! Nathanyel he is always a good little guy through the night! So hopefully my nights will be so much better! One thing I do know is when I go back home, Im going to be awake all night because its going to be my choice because my ass is getting what Ive been needing for 3 damn months! :D Anyways.. Im out... >Brandi Loves David & Nathanyel & Alexander BUNCHES<


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