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Sunday, September 03, 2006

8 More Days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, so let's see here! Just counting down the days until I go back home!! This Sunday will be 8 more days, oh wait it is sunday early morning!!! And I can hardly wait to see My baby again! And I know he can't wait until he sees his babies either!! :D I'm so damn excited. I*m not excited for the 6 hour and so many odd minutes of the road trip with my dad preaching but hell it*s all worth it since I*m going to see My Fiance again! And finally be out of drama county for awhile that is. Meigs County has this thing called the "Gravity Pull." Don*t ask why but seriously it is a pretty good pull. ;) I think it just might be the friends/family and so on. I*m sure every place is like this esp if you was raised there, but seriously if you think about it, there is NO other place like Meigs County!! Don*t get me wrong, I Miss it like shit when I*m away from here, but jeez when I*m here, it*s like get me the fuck outta this hell hole of a county! There is nothing better than being with your loved ones, but there is also no better thing than being with the love of your life and your two's most wonderful children! I belong with David and our children is suppose to be a family! But I have to move on and be on my own. I have been for a year now and it*s totally a different experience in my life. But Hey Anything to be with David & Our Children! I have a family of my own now, and I can*t just stay here and not be nothing & I know if I do stay here, I will not get no where, but do drugs and be a horrible parent! Not that I am, it's just that's how Meigs County has affects on most people here. So I*m going back September 11th & When I get back, I*m going to get my shit going again down there, then when I get that all settled out, I*m going to go take classes for my CNA's. And hopefully get a job by time next year comes around. It will help out alot and plus Nathanyel is 3 years old & should be hanging out with other kids his age, to help him get started for school next year, so day care it is.! And Alexander will still be young but I can figure something out. I*m just going to get my life started as well, and not to depend on any man! I should know better than that. Don*t get me wrong David treats me well, and gets what our children and I Need but still I want to have some Independence in my life as well. Anyways, I guess that*s it for now, So C-Ya. >Brandi Loves David & Nathanyel & Alexander BUNCHES::. !!!!!!8 more Days!!!!!!!


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