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Monday, September 04, 2006

6 More Days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Crazzzzy! I just wish to be home, at last! 6 More Days!!! Can*t wait. Just hope my dad is feeling better in like 1 week! Because I*m dying to get home. Don*t get me wrong, I love being here, But if I am bored all day everyday, it should just be there.. Because I have friends, and I shouldn*t be bored. So Maybe I should do it where, I have no friends! And just make my life sound right some how. Anyways.... I just hope my dad is feeling better. He has surgery today on his belly button cause he has a hernea. oh however that*s spelt. And lets just hope he does because if he doesn*t I*m going to be very upset & won*t want to talk to anyone really! Because I KNOW I want see David, dammit! I*ve been waiting for 3 months already! DAMN! I hate sleeping by myself! And this shit is just killing me. I haven*t been held in 3 months & I need sex! =( Blah. I*m addicted. And I*m going through Sex-Withdrawls! =( Poor Little Ole' Me!!!! I miss just laying beside him, and playing with our kids with him! And just being there at all for him! I miss everything! I miss talking to him, Looking at him. Flipping him off or yelling at him because he done something compeletly stupid or Just being a computer nerd and playing computer games, 24/7 and me cursing him! Dammit. I need to be In Viriginia. If I dont get home by next weekend, Im riding a bus and leaving all of my shit here! I can buy another crib and whatnots like that! Jeez! !!Home Sweet Home!!


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