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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Been Awhile!

So I haven't wrote much! What do you expect with having 2 kids, and have to be a "Wife" all the time. Im not even married, but it feels like it, considering I live with my fiance and our 2 beautiful sons? Anyways, Me & Him has been getting into agruements for the past couple days. But we did finally go out Tuesday to watch a movie. We saw "Saw 3" omg Freaky!! Watch It! Anyways, after that trick or treat, only went to one place because uhhh wheres the damn trick or treaters at?? Uhhh. what a strange little area. Anyways, Nothing really much, Nathanyel did have fun that day, he got to ride on a four wheeler, he hasnt in a few months, so that made his day. Alex basically he sleeps still, the kid needs to get active already!! :D Well Ill save their stories to their blog!
As of now, I should be in bed, But I went to bed at 930 and woke up at 1230 because I woke up from a dream, never done that for a long ass time. It was not scary but it was just blah crazy. About David & I. Crazyyy if you ask me. Anyways, I'm going to bed, Sleepy!! >Brandi Loves David, Nathanyel & Alexander BUNCHES!!<


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