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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Okay... Here we go... ;)

Ohkay, well... Not to much has been going on. Just getting the boys over from their colds and what not. Took them to the doctor the other day and omg the dumb ass peditrician said Nathanyel had a sinus infection!!! What the fuck, the boy wizzes. Okay whatever. no more Dr.**** No names are being said in this. but like it matters whenever people still assumes who im talking about anyways.. hehe Well not to much more going on. Except for Christmas stuff. So yeah, Im out.. >Brandi Loves David & Nathan & Alex BUNCHES<
>Different Day, Same Old Bullshit<

Nothing At This Time..... Maybe later when I have the time. ;)

Friday, December 08, 2006

Whoa, Its amazing by How Many People READ my SHIT on HERE. It so touches my heart. Right. I believe what I write in here, is my Business. I really think that if I write something in there, I dont mean by people reading this and going and telling people shit. I dont talk about people to start DRAMA. I write in here to help me with MY PROBLEMS. If I wanted drama in my life, Id open my mouth and start shit with people. But I DONT. So If you bother to read my shit and if your the big mouth, stay the fuck out. I dont put it up for your 2faced ass anyhow. So get OVER IT! Anyways, nothing much going on. David, Nathanyel, Alex & I are going to St.Albans tomorrow with David's sister and visit the grandparents, both of them. And then staying at Amanda's house tomorrow night. Ill be back sometime Sunday. If not, don't bother coming to look for me, cause Im in here to put up with Dramafied bitches that like to start things over here in Meigs County. So Ill update later.. Late.

>Brandi Kay Michelle Loves David Scott, Nathanyel Xavier & Alexander Elijah BUNCHES<

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Its so Unfair But Im loving it.

Well after being in Meigs County for like a month, it hasn't been all that bad except for the fact, its low on money right at the moment and with Christmas coming up and all, its not to much of a good thing, But I do know Ill figure something out this time around as well. I always get by with whatever i need or need to be done. David got here the day after Thanksgiving, well the following Saturday so 2 days because he had to ride that stinky ass bus. But things just wasn't going the way he wanted them to considering he wanted to spend time with his family on the holidays. I told him his dad was w/ him but he said Us his family. Well I kinda understand that, but then again Mike only spent like 30 minutes with him on the holiday. I would have also been upset if I couldn't spend it with my children/ I would at least spend some hours with my father or any family relative. But so far no agrueing just a little disagreements and a little agruement but wasn't to bad for once. =) But we're doing good. So all Im looking foward right now for is a break from my hellians. I love em' but there is a time when parents need a break for a little bit. Things are pissing me off a little bit around here but its only one thing. And thats people that leaves their children Or should i say "CHILD" here without asking us to watch her/him. And just leave for just the gas station or to go to their house for a minute or 2 but takes like 30 minutes to be gone. That shit pisses me off. Its kinda unfair for me, considering I NEVER get a break. And this chick always says be thankful that you have thier dad around, well I am Believe me, But maybe if she didn't get mixed up in the wrong group of people she would have found a fit person to get pregnant by in the first place. Don't get me wrong, me and david has split up and whatnot, but we grew up and we are in love and going to get married. She also says being a single parent is hard. Well Im sure I can tell you this much, Being 16 and 6 months pregnant and breaking up with the childs dad for a year or 2 is rough on you. yeah I always had family But I was a single parent. And plus she has family as well. But never have i once left my kids without asking people if they could watch them first. Shit like that pisses me off. And Its very UnFit! And if you ask me, she is a unfit mother, Im not the best and I wont ever say I am. But my children does stay with me and I have never lost custody and I never will, because i know how to take care of my children and I know I can get stressed and ready to just go crazy on everyone, but they need a person to help them grow up and the same will happen to them as well. So I think very highly believe, If i had a break once in while, I will Not go crazy so much. True, I need to atleast know how to control my anger and i do to a extent but I need a break as well to get away from all the crying. Once one stops the other one starts or I need to feed Alex and Nathanyel is running around. Or its just the other way around when Alex is awake and wants to be played with Nathanyel cries. Or its just Im tired and I just yell for David. She thinks she has it rough well she gets out every fucking day and it drives me nuts cause I never get it. Its all unfair. But then again I can always say, Im a better and a very fit mother unlike her. So whose it hurting diff not me considering, Im a better mother than she is. =) End of Story.
>Brandi Loves David & Nathanyel & Alexander BUNCHES<