Brandi's Drama Life

This is about my boring, exciting life! Enjoy! :D

Friday, February 09, 2007

Wonderful, Boring, Drama, Happy, Confused & Excited!

Oh, What a Wonderful, Boring, Dramafied life I Live!

I'll explain the parts of wonderful, boring and drama:
Wonderful= Because my two little special boys are mine and they are the most amazing children ever! And I have someone that wants to be in my life until the day I die, and if their is after life or whatever happens after death, Im sure He will still be mine as well. :D

Boring= Because I'm a full time mom, and No baby sitter because my sisters like to be hoes and can NEVER give me a chance to do anything exciting! Although my brother has got me out once, but still. Just lately feels like everyone tries to make me feel left out. Nothing to do around here. But Im getting a car here in a month or so, So Im not sticking around all the time. I will be gone most of the time, ONLY if I can find something to do, that is. And when SOME body around here wants to watch my TWO children! LoL. But mostly I will have my kids with me because Nathanyel gives me company because he can never be quite ( he gets that from me) And Alex because he is a baby and I cant leave my baby, Im attached.

Drama= Because Im back in MEIGS COUNTY!

But other than everything else, I'm happy, confused, and excited:
Happy=Because I'm a mommy to Two Boys! & Have a great boyfriend (That I feel like killing sometimes! ;) )

Confused=Because I feel like im going insane with all the stress I have in my life. I know that I'm not as bad off as others, But I still feel like I am going completely INSANE at times.

Excited=Because I'm going to find my own place and be my own boss. Because around here there is no such damn thing! People always tries to control others here. It gets on my nerves, badly!

But okay thats enough, Im Out!! >I Love David & Nathanyel & Alexander BUNCHES<