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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Well I am moving into my new place Monday Morning. And we got a great good bit of stuff for our new apartment. So theres a plus in life so far. Im getting there Slowly but I did start at rock bottom and Im half way to the Middle. And Its starting to feel alot better. Besides.....................
I sold my car for 300 and I let the guy to payments weekly. Well I gave him the car keys to see if it would run after he put the water pump and the radorator on. Well he took it out and wrecked it. Well after he wrecked it, he sold it. And he had NO right what so ever. AndNow the guy that bought it off from Doug my neighbor, has the car at his house. and IF he got shit off from the car aka took parts off Ill be pissed. So Im trying to get ahold of Ryan and have him bring my car or It won't be a fun game.
But anyways, thats about it for now. Its real late. So im getting off from here...
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